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Selective Packet Loss Over VXLAN (fat packets dropped)

I've recently spent hours trying to work out why certain traffic types have been dropped over VXLAN. Particularly when wifi traffic traversed the campus wide network but also certain streaming services. After a hunch I worked out the commonality amongst failing traffic types was packet size. Large packets were being silently dropped. This was a... Continue Reading →

Upgrading Aruba CX VSX Pairs

Aruba AOS-CX contains a technology for logically linking a pair of switches so that they exchange specific types of information and states. A typical use case is to have two physical switches act as a single LACP partner (MC-LAG). Config and other info can be kept in sync automatically if desired. When using this technology... Continue Reading →

Aruba AOS-CX Internal VLANs

First, an easy CCNA level question: How many VLANs can you configure on a standard switch? If you answered 4094 and you run anything other than AOS-CX then you are maybe correct. If you run AOS-CX the answer (by default) is 4040. Thats right, Aruba have stolen 54 VLANs. Aruba CX have a concept of... Continue Reading →

Scheduled reboot on CX

It is a common task to need to reboot a switch at a pre-defined time, such as early in the morning. The most common reason being to invoke an upgrade. This can be achieved using network automation if done at scale but it may also be necessary for a single switch. This post describes the... Continue Reading →

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