ACL Scaling on HPE Comware

This post will be of zero interest to anyone who doesn't need to create very large ACLs on HPE Comware switches. If you are normal, look away now. I had a need to understand the ACL scaling limits on HP5130 switches. ACLs elsewhere on the network consist of a handful of rules to permit/deny specific... Continue Reading →

Is Cisco certification essential for career progression?

I've read the discussions over the last half a decade that Cisco's grip on the certification market, and the grip of certification on the job market, has dwindled. I believed what people were saying that such traditions had been replaced by a broader vendor outlook from employers together with the requirement to demonstrate broader skills... Continue Reading →

loop protection the the DC

Intro: Broadcast Loops v Broadcast Storms Wherever there is a broadcast domain there exists the opportunity for some idiot to create a loop. It happens in the simplest of environments where a misunderstanding or mis-configuration creates a logical loop where BUM traffic (broadcast, unknown-unicast, multicast) is allowed to go round and round like a merry-go-round.... Continue Reading →

Raritan PX1 Command Line

Raritan calls this the Command Line Protocol (CLP) interface and the manual states “enables data center administrators to perform some basic management tasks”. They aren’t joking when they say basic. Here is what they state: Reset the Dominion PX deviceDisplay the name, power state (on or off), and sensors associated with each outletTurn each outlet... Continue Reading →

Python MAC address manipulation

Every vendor has their favourite format for MAC addresses and it is common to need to create strings to pass as CLI commands. This post shows to check the string is a valid address and how to convert between formats. If you run HPE/Aruba switches the discussion on custom formats will be useful. The python... Continue Reading →

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