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ACL Scaling on HPE Comware

This post will be of zero interest to anyone who doesn't need to create very large ACLs on HPE Comware switches. If you are normal, look away now. I had a need to understand the ACL scaling limits on HP5130 switches. ACLs elsewhere on the network consist of a handful of rules to permit/deny specific... Continue Reading →

Python MAC address manipulation

Every vendor has their favourite format for MAC addresses and it is common to need to create strings to pass as CLI commands. This post shows to check the string is a valid address and how to convert between formats. If you run HPE/Aruba switches the discussion on custom formats will be useful. The python... Continue Reading →

Enabling Traceroute on Comware Switches

Unlike any other vendor I've worked on, comware switches and routers do not reply to traceroute attempts by default. If you traceroute through a router you'll get no response on that hop: C:\>tracert switch1 Tracing route to switch1 [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms router2 [] 2... Continue Reading →

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